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This site attempts to recreate, in electronic form, the original LOGBOOK of the Natoma Bay Association compiled by John Sassano, Historian and Bob Wall, Editor. As I complete the scanning and formatting of each section listed in the Table of Contents, the link will be highlighted. PDF versions of the completed sections are also available.

Lucinda DeWitt (daughter of John W. DeWitt, Jr.)
October 2007, last updated September 2016

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Table of Contents



Admiral Felix B. Stump, USN

History (from the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships) History pp. 1-4

[History pp. 5-10 missing--can anyone tell me what goes here?]

Descriptions, combining historical and personal accounts, of the battles at Leyte Gulf, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa are listed below under Recollections.

U.S.S. Natoma Bay Decommissioning (May 20, 1946 Norfolk, VA)  History pp. 11-16


Captain Harold Letcher Meadow

Rear Admiral Albert K. Morehouse

Captain Bromfield B. Nichol

Captain James M. Elliott

Robert B. Wall, AMSC

Commander Hamilton Lokey


History of VC-63

History of VC-81

History of VC-9


V-4 Division

Division Logos


Noteworthy Bits of History (that we made) (p. 1)

"Doug McArthur's Navy" (pp. 2-3)

"The Admirals Lament" (p. 3)

Record of VC-81, Seventh and Third Fleets, South and West Pacific Areas, WWII (p. 4)

The Day The Mount Hood Blew Up (pp. 5-6 plus insert)

Presidential Unit Citation (p. 7)

Did You Know That . . .? (p. 8)

The Day The Battleship West Virginia (BB 48) was "Captured" by the Natoma Bay (p. 9)

Another Mount Hood Note (from John Keenan) (p. 10)

A "Hanging Bomb" (p. 11)

Naval Surgeon Operates While Ship is Tossed by Tropic Typhoon
(Stockton Record—Saturday, Dec. 2, 1944) (p. 13-14)

Ulithi (p. 15)

Suicide Hit at Miayko Jima (Sakishima Group) by Al Alcorn (pp. 17-18)

Some More "Did You Knows?" (p. 19)

Attack on America by Balloon (by Raymond Schuessler)

The Battle for Leyte Gulf

Iwo Jima

Remembering Iwo Jima (Family Weekly, February 17, 1986)


 U.S.S. Natoma Bay Decommissioning,  May 20 1946, Norfolk VA (also listed above under History)


For more Natoma Bay photos please see the Natoma Bay Photogallery.

Diary of Events as recorded by Robert N. Johnson, Chief Photographer's Mate