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Edward Glockner

Edward L. Glockner, 89, of Hill View Retirement Center, died Monday, Dec. 20, 2010, at home.

Mr. Glockner wrote his own obituary:

Edward L. Glockner, known by the first name of “Ebb” or “Ebby,” a nickname given by a young aunt when he was a child, was born March 6, 1921, the first child of Edward A. and Helen Folz Glockner, in Portsmouth, Ohio, the eldest off-spring of five boys and one girl. He was educated in the Catholic schools; was graduated from Central Catholic High School in 1940. As a school age boy, he was active in Boy Scouts, camping, and spent much time on the Ohio River.

After high school he attended St. Joseph’s College and played freshman football. He received his private pilot’s license in 1941. He enlisted into the Naval Air Corps and was commissioned an Ensign in 1943. He flew off carriers in the Pacific as a torpedo bomber pilot in Torpedo Squadron 8—earned 3 air medals and the Distinguished Flying Cross, for Japanese ships and planes destroyed. He was discharged a full lieutenant on Dec. 1, 1945. He entered Xavier University in March of 1946, and graduated with a BSBA, majoring in accounting and economics, in January 1948. He was president of the Economics Club and the Student Council.

He entered the automobile agency in March 1948; working in all departments. Attended the Chevrolet School of Modern Merchandising and Management in 1949. Came back into the Glockner Chevrolet Agency in November 1949 as General Manager. He married Joanne Krick Glockner in January 1950. They have three children, Susan Glockner Fitzer, Andrew M. Glockner, and Mary Ann Glockner Burns. He was active in Junior Chamber of Commerce work in his early years, holding a life membership. He was President of the County Cancer Society, was elected President of Glockner’s, and the Chevrolet Dealer in 1952. In 1953 was awarded the Junior Chamber of Commerce Distinguished Service Award. Was instrumental in the Atomic Plant’s location in the area with meetings with President Truman. He was chairman of the United Fund Drive and President of the United Fund in 1955, 55, 56 and 77. In 1959 he formed the Quality Car and Truck Leasing Corporation, leasing vehicles, fork lifts, industrial equipment and investing in real estate.

In 1962 he formed Multi Channel Cable Co. for the purpose of building a (CATV) community antenna television system for the Portsmouth area. The Portsmouth System was the largest all band system and the first system built in a three-network-off-the-air reception area. More subscribers were put on the system built in less time than had ever been done in any other system. He then attempted to franchise in other towns of like reception in a 13-state area. He personally worked these towns and built other systems. Multi Channel Cable Co. today is a holding company with Broadcast and CATV properties operating out of Portsmouth with assets in Georgia and Alabama. He merged the Portsmouth System into Reeves Broadcasting Co. (Amex listed) in 1966, in a stock exchange. He went on the Reeves Board of Directors, at that time. The Reeves Corp. had organizational and financial problems, but remained profitable. It was liquidated for cash to its many stock holders in 1978.

He was most active in community, civic, association, political, and church activities.

In 1968 he built a new automobile agency north of town. He formed a holding company, JAMS, Inc., to build and operate the real estate holding plus an insurance agency. He also started a D.B.A. of Glockner Chevrolet, known as Glockner Supply Co., for the purpose of warehouse distributing auto and truck parts, petroleum products, Quaker State and Valvoline oils, Parker Hannifin hoses, and industrial products. In 1969 he included into the Glockner Agency the heavy truck franchises of Chevrolet, International and Fruehauf Trailers, along with diesel engine franchises in Mack, Cummins and Detroit and specialty truck equipment. In 1980 he added East Trailer distributorship and GMC heavy truck franchises. The Glockner business in 1982, did in excess of $45,000,000.00 volume.

From 1969 to 1975, he was county chairman of the Democrat Party. He was first runner-up to the National Truck Dealer of the Year Award. In 1972 received the Jaycee Distinguished Citizen Award and served as President of the Portsmouth Area Chamber of Commerce. In 1973 was awarded the Kiwanas Club of Portsmouth Layman of the Year Award. Was President of Chamber of Commerce in 1972-1973.

In 1975 he purchased Dallas Chevrolet, a Chevrolet-Jeep dealership in Jackson, Ohio. In 1975 he was President of the Portsmouth Area Growth Corporation - non profit, for the purpose of enticing industrial growth in the area. Was instrumental in building a 2 million dollar industrial park in the Haverhill area of Eastern Scioto County. Was President of Scioto County New Car Dealers’ Association in 1975, also serving on the Ohio Dealers’ Board and Executive Committee.

In 1975 he purchased Portsmouth Volkswagon-Porsche-Audi-Honda-Toyota Dealership in Portsmouth, selling the franchise and stock interest to his 22 year old son, Andy, to own and operate.

In 1975 founded National Quality Insurance Corporation for the purpose of selling health, accident and life insurance.

In 1976 he assumed the responsibility of President of the Chamber of Commerce, due to no one willing to assume this responsibility. He worked and headed up the four-billion-dollar Atomic Plant expansion program, working with others and our Governor, Senator and President.

In 1974 he was elected a Director of Bank One of Portsmouth. From 1974 to 1978 he chaired the Ohio Dealers’ Political Action Group, fund raising and political lobbying. In 1977 he was first President of the Past President Club of the Portsmouth Area Chamber of Commerce. In 1977 he was Vice President of Chamber of Economic and Industrial Development. In January 1978, he was honored as the National Dealer Time Magazine Quality Dealer Award winner for 1978, being spokesman for the 28,000 dealers nationally. In 1979 he purchased a plumbing supply company in Chillicothe, Ohio. In 1981 he opened a parts store, Lucasville Part Co., in Lucasville, Ohio. In 1981 moved Glockner Oil Co. to Lucasville into a 20,000 sq. ft. building and installed a bulk oil facility. In March 1982 purchased Kanawha Valley Oil Co. in South Charleston, W.Va., and 17,000 sq. ft. warehouse and fuel distribution business. In July 1982 purchased Hubasco Parts Warehouse, Inc., distributors of 88 manufacturers of parts, accessories and chemical lines.

In July 1982, purchased Huntington Battery and Supply Co. and Hubasco Parts Warehouse Co., with three satellite stores and a machine shop in Huntington and Hurricane, W.Va. In 1982 formed an outside sales organization to sell all of the products, lines and services encompassed in the Glockner Enterprises. In 1982 completely computerized in-house operations.

In 1982 he purchased his brother, Bill’s, stock interest in the business.

In December of 1982, he turned over the Presidency of the Enterprise to Andy Glockner and was made Chairman of the Board in charge of oil, parts, leasing and sales activities through these division’s general managers. In 1982 brought on board an in-house C.P.A. In 1982 went into the heavy duty truck salvage and used parts business.

Ebby stayed active in Chamber work and in the County and State politics and church. He firmly believed if you lived in a community and took your livelihood out of it, you owed of your time to help make it a better community. He was politically involved, hoping to encourage better people to seek candidacy in positions of government that we the tax payers might be more honestly and better served.

He was proud of his German family heritage, which went back to 1713 in Biengen Baden, Germany. The Glockner family all began in Portsmouth in 1848, when his great-grandfather came from Germany and started in the bicycle business and hardware business in Portsmouth. His eldest son, Alex, Ebb’s grandfather, purchased the business in 1891 and operated it expanding into a million dollar inventory. In 1912 he took on the Chevrolet franchise and sold his first Chevrolets in 1913. He died in 1926. Ebb’s father and sister took over the Chevrolet Agency until he took over in 1952. His father died in 1978, his mother died June 4, 1985, and his Aunt Helen died in November 1984. Of his three brothers and one sisters’ marriages there are forty-four grandchildren and 138 in the family. They are good, solid, hardworking people whom Ebb felt were charitable and honest. God blessed them abundantly and they thank Him for these blessings. His son, Andy, is the Chevrolet-International-GMC Dealer, continuing in the business and its growth will be more successful than this fourth generation.

Survivors include his son and daughter-in-law, Andy and Barb Glockner of Portsmouth; two daughters and sons-in-law, Susan and Stephen R. Fitzer of Portsmouth and Mary Ann and Thomas I. Burns of Lafayette, Ind.; nine grandchildren, Tim (Monica) Glockner, Joe (Amy) Glockner, Beth (Taylor) Newman, Mike (Kelsey) Glockner, Chrissy Glockner, Brett Fitzer, Allison (Brian) Min, Sally Burns, and Gregory Burns; and five great-grandchildren.

Ebby also was preceded in death by his wife, Joanne Glockner; and one grandson, Greg Fitzer.

Funeral Mass will be 5 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 22, 2010, at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Portsmouth, with the Rev. Ted Machnik officiating. Visitation will begin at 3 p.m. Wednesday at the church. Arrangements are under the direction of F.C. Daehler Mortuary in Portsmouth.

Ebby will be remembered by special friends, Maxie Grooms, Jim Maxey and Steve Sowkulech, and as well as hundreds of loyal employees.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Notre Dame Schools and St. Mary’s Church.

His accomplishments included:

The Glockner Chevrolet Co.

The Glockner Supply Co.

Quality Care and Truck Leasing Co.

J.A.M.S. Corp.

Multi-Channel TV Cable Co.-Multivision

Northwest-Southwest TV Cable.

The Portsmouth Real Estate Co.

Partnership with John Berndt & Glockner investment Real Estate (past).

Members of Board of directors Reeves telecom Corp.-Amex listed (past).

Past President of the Portsmouth Catholic School Board.

Past Board member of Diocese of Columbus School Board.

Board member of Ohio University, Portsmouth Branch (past).

Past member of Shawnee State College Development Committee.

Area Chairman of Diocesan Development Fund Drive (past).

Member of St. Mary Church Lay Advisory Board (past).

Chairman Scioto County Democratic Party (past).

Members of Board Portsmouth Area Chamber of Commerce. (past president).

Captain and Chairman of Xavier Alumni Retreat Group.

Member of Mercy Hospital Board of Directors & The Ethics Committee.

Vice President of Xavier Alumni Assoc. of Portsmouth

Democrat Precinct Committeeman (past).

Member Chevrolet Profit Council.

Program chairman Scioto County New Car Dealers Assoc.

Work of Annual Church Parish Offertory Program

Captain of Xavier University Alumni Retreat Group.

Work at Catholic Adults for youth Activities.

Member of Elks Tuesday Evening Golf League.

Member of Chevrolet National Dealer Council-1972-1973.

Member Ohio Auto Dealers Board of Directors & Management Committee.

Member of Board Southern Ohio Auto Club.

1944 Father Finn Charter Member Xavier University

1948 Chairman of County Cancer Society Fund-raiser

1948 Xavier University Charter Society member

1951 Captain of Men of Milford Retreat since 1951 Xavier university Alumni Group

1952 Headed Atomic Plant being located in our area

1953 Jaycee DSA Award Winner

1955 Chairman Airport Development committee

1955 Portsmouth Catholic School Board

1955 Scioto County Athletic Board

1955-57 Airport Bond Issue and Founding

1956 President Ohio Car & Truck Leasing Association

1956 President Ohio Car & Truck Renting Association

1956 St. Joseph Monastery Improvement

1956 Started Buck a Month Club

1956 Ohio University Branch College Board

1956 Shawnee State University Board

1959 Chairman Scioto County Airport-Bond, Issue & Dedication.

1959 Founded Quality Car & Truck Leasing, Inc.

1960 Franchised to Sell Fiat and Prinz Imports.

1962 Formed Chevy Dealer 20 Group

1962 Chairman United Way Fund Drive.

1962 Founded Multi-Channel Cable Co.—Built the Local TV Cable System

1967 Purchased Old Dam 31 in Kentucky

1968 Xavier Alumni Award

1968-69 Built Glockner Plaza Dealership

1969 Diocesan School Board

1969 Took Stock Exchange Broadcasting for Multi-Channel Cable Co. Continued to built Cable Systems in Dalton, Georgia and Southern States

1969-75 Chairman County Democrat Party

1970 President Portsmouth Catholic School Board.

1971 Jaycee DCA Award Winner

1972 Runner-Up to National Dealer of Year Award.

1972-73 President Portsmouth Area Chamber of Commerce—Chairman Scioto County Democrat Party.

1973 Kiwanis Layman of Year Award

1974 Founded Dallas Chevrolet Co.—Industrial Park in Franklin Furnace

1975-76 President Portsmouth Area Growth Foundation

1975 President Scioto County New Car Dealers Association

1975 Freed the toll on U.S. Grant Bridge

1975 Founded Portsmouth Volkswagen-Porsche-Audi-Toyota Corp. Dealership

1975 Founded National Quality Insurance Agency

1976 President Portsmouth Area Chamber of Commerce

1976 Headed the A-Plant GCEP Expansion

1974-76 President Ohio Dealers-Politician Action Group (PAG)

1977 Chairman ‘United Way’ Campaign.

1977 President of Past President Club of Portsmouth Area Chamber of Commerce

1977 V. President—Chamber of Commerce for Economic & Industrial Development

1977 Member of American Legion Post 23

1977 Member of Ohio Auto Dealers Association

1977 Member of National Auto Truck Dealers Association

1977 Member of B.P.O.E. Elks Lodge

1978 Time Magazine National Quality Dealer Award Recipient

1978 Twenty-five Year Chevrolet Dealer Award.

1978 Chevrolet Service Supremacy Award

1979 Distinguished Alumnus Award-Xavier University

1979 Executive Committee Mercy Hospital

1979 Executive Committee Car & Truck Renting & Leasing Association of Ohio CATRALA.

1979 Executive Committee Ohio Automobile Dealer’s Association

1980 Board of Bureau Motor Vehicle State of Ohio

1980-2003 visited Rest Homes; took Communion to Catholics visited the Infirmed for 22 years.

1981 President Glockner Oil Co., West Virginia

1981 Perkins Bridge committee-Bridge Completed 1987

1983 President Huntington Battery and Supply Co.

1982 Chairman of Board J.A.M.S. Corporation

1983 Chairman Monastery Building Committee

1984 President—CATRALA of Ohio

1984 Chairman of Scioto Catholic School Foundation

1984 Chairman of St. Joe Monastery Building Project—Raised $850,000—Completed 1989

1985 Chaired and Raised $515,000 for Scioto County Catholic School Foundation

1985 President of CATRALA Conference

1986 Member of St. Mary’s Church Finance Committee

1986 Treasurer—Member of Elks Country Club Board of Directors

1986 Chairman of State Car and Truck Renting and Leasing Conference

1986 Scioto County History Book Committee

1986 Member TWIG 99 Mercy Hospital

1986 Past Board of Executive Committee Member Mercy Hospital

1986 Served Daily Mass since 1958 at St. Joseph Monastery

1986 Sold Cable Companies

1987 Treasurer Magnus Inc. and Investor—Plastic Pipe Manufacturer

1987 Received “Spirit of ‘87” State Award for Religion—Business and Liberty

1987 Secretary BERNEBCO Corp. Real Estate Holding Co.

1987 Chairman of Restoration of Old Catholic Cemetery 19843—Completed 1989

1988-90 Chairman Ohio Auto Dealer P.A.C. Fund Drive

1988-90 Chairman National Automobile Dealer Association Foundation Drive for Ohio

1989-90 Chairman Boy Scout Annual Fund Raiser Dinner

1990 Leadership Chairman Boy Scouts Fund Raiser Dinner

1990 Board Good Shepherd Manor for Mentally Retarded—Past 10 Years

1990 Board Member Diocesan Foundation

1990-92 Failed to be Successful Bidder on Civic Savings Bank from Resolution Trust Corp.

1991 Chairman Boy Scout Annual Leadership Fund Raiser

1991 Sales Manager and Traveled Selling QUICKSILVER Bedliner in OH, KY, IN, WV

1991 Completed 25 Years of Visiting the Aged and Communion for the Retirees each Week

1991 Chaired the Committee to Settle Problem with the City Over Greenlawn Cemetery

1992 Purchased Farm and Cattle at Dam 31, Kentucky—The Dam Farm

1992 Retired? Traveled 3 States Selling Bedliner Material

1992 Member Diocesan Foundation Board, Special Gift Marketing Plan

1992 Collected 8000 Rosaries for Russia

1992 Chamber Highway Committee and Great Lakes—Mid Atlantic Interstate 73/74 Committee

1993 Mural Committee—Flood Wall. 52 murals Completed 2002

1993 Received Pontifical Emblem of the Cross for Zealous Works for the Church

1994 Co-Chairman Gus Macker 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament

1994 Notre Dame Schools Foundation Campaign for Quality

1994 Ohio Vehicle Leasing Association Service Award in Recognition of 18 Years Service to Leasing In Industry

1995 Portsmouth Metropolitan Housing Authority Board

1995 Ombudsman—Volunteer—aged

1995 Life Member—Elks—American Legion—Knights of Columbus

1995 Eucharistic Minister

1995 Honored by Notre Dame School Board for Years of Financial Support, Interest and Committee Work

1996 Governor Appointed me to the Ohio Department of Development Financing Advisory Board

1999 Volunteer Ombudsman of the Year Award

2001 Leadership Award for Service to Scouting and Community

2002 Governor award for completing 6 years on Ohio Department of Development Board

2002 Sold home and moved to Hill View

Submitted in January 2011 by Tami Montgomery, daughter of Harold Clark Adams. 

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