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I (or my father/grandfather/other relative) served on the USS Natoma Bay.  I would like to submit a Crew Update to be included on the website.  How do I do that?

We LOVE to hear about NatyMaru crew members and their families.  Memories of service, current locations, updates and/or obituaries are appreciated.  Use our ContactForm to keep us up to date.  You can also post photos at our Photogallery.

I've looked through the website, but I don't see any information about my relative who served on the Natoma Bay.  Do you have any more information about my relative?

Before sending a REQUEST for information about a particular crew member, please spend some time exploring the site and reading about the USS Natoma Bay.  Please know that this is NOT an official US Navy site.  We do not have a research staff.  The site is maintained by a volunteer (Lucinda DeWitt, daughter of John W. DeWitt, Jr.).  Most of the information I have (from the Logbook and the Photographer's Diary) is already posted at the site.  I do not have extensive information about individual crewmen.  I used to be able to ask my father to look through the old rosters and determine whether someone was a plankowner and/or approximate dates of service and rank, but sadly, dad died in February 2018.

The following links can get you started on your own research about a family member's service in the US Military:

The National Archives provides an extensive discussion of how to obtain Military Service Records at:

Additional information can be found at Naval History & Heritage Command. The Naval History & Heritage Command website also provides links to the relevant sources of Official Service and Medical Records:

If, after consulting these sources, you still think we may have information you need, please contact us using our ContactForm.

If you identify information not already on our website and/or have stories to submit, please contact us using the Contact Form.

If you have pictures of members of the Natoma Bay crew, you can post them at the Photogallery.

How can I connect with the Natoma Bay Association and/or find out about the next reunion?

The former Natoma Bay Association has disbanded after the deaths of Al Alcorn (President) and Vernon Keepers (Treasurer).>

We have started a USS Natoma Bay CVE62 & Friends group on Facebook at:

Family of former crew members are encouraged to support the Escort Carriers Sailors & Airmen Association. You can learn more about this organization at

I saw a TV program about James Leininger being the "reincarnation" of James Huston who flew planes off the USS Natoma Bay, can you tell me more about that?

This website is devoted exclusively to the HISTORY of the USS Natoma Bay's service during World War II and the lives of her crew members.  Please contact the Leiningers directly for any questions related to their book.

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If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us using our Contact Form.